Pictures from my wonderful graduation! I cant believe that its over. Something that we all have been longing for forever.. It truly is mixed feelings about ending school. But at the same time I have sooo much fun things ahead. I will miss all of my friends, my classmates and teachers. So much love.


Now that prom is over graduation week starts.. SO EXCITED!


A bunch of pictures from our vacation in Crete! Me and 7 girls from my class took the opportunity to go away together now that all courses are done. We had such a great time, tanning all day and just enjoying life.

Now there is not much left of gymnasium!  We have our prom this saturday so I am getting my lashes done tomorrow. And after that our graduation week starts which means one week of parties before we graduate on friday. The day after that I am going to Stockholm for Summer burst festival. With other words I have a GREAT time a head. I remember for eight years ago when my cousin graduated and we counted how long I had left.. and now it’s finally my turn! WHII


Hi guys! Long time no see. Me and a bunch of friends have been on a vacation in Greece. We had such a great week with good weather and long days in the sun. The perfect ending of this semester and also a reload for graduation week. We got home the night to saturday and last night me and Ronja went out with a couple of friends.

Today we celebrated Gabbi with champagne brunch since she is turning 19. Its been such a nice weather ever since we got home. Today up to 28 degrees celcius! Not too bad coming home to this. Since it is mothers day today me and the family are going out for dinner with my grandmother soon.

blue velvet

Bought this bag at GT on my shopping spree with Ronja this past friday. Its in blue/grey velvet and I really like it! 

Cant believe that its already monday and the start of our second last week of studying. Me and some friends from my class are travelling to Greece next friday so I am really looking forward do that. We have our last exam next wednesday and after that all our courses are done!! I only went to school during the morning today and after that my cold got too much. Been sleeping during the day and just had dinner so I feel a bit better now. Tomorrow I don’t start until after lunch so I am sure I’ll manage to go then. Have a great night!

Lily and rose

Sunday and I am in bed with a cold. Spent last night studying with a friend, first time ever that I was up until 2 AM to study.. It’s all worth it today though. I also worked yesterday which always is fun. Although I feel even more sick today than I did yesterday and have done the entire week. But I am sure I’ll get better soon.. What do you think of these jewellery? I’ll be wearing these at graduation. Thought they were cute so I ordered them from boozt! I’ve also found a pair of white heels, and they were sooo comfy which rocks. Thats definitely necessary a day like that. Can’t believe its only one month left now!!


Long time no see.. Whats up? Im awesome. Im going abroad in 16 days, I graduate in 35 and move in 77.. So much fun to look forward to in other words! This sunday I celebrated Valborg with some friends. We had a bbq then we went out, I got home early which was nice. Today we had really great weather so after school I drove out to our summerhouse. I studied for an hour or so in the sun then I went down to the water to workout, followed by 6 kilometers of running in the woods. A perfect afternoon!


Hey guys! Hope you all have had a great weekend. I’ve mostly spent the days relaxing. Yesterday afternoon I went to a hockey game and later that night me and some friends went out. Today I’ve just been laying in bed watching Prison Break. So nice with weekends like this now that the weekdays are so hectic. Its getting noticeable now that all courses are coming to an end.  Tonight I’ll take some time to study as well. Take care!


We finished school before lunch today so I took a long run in the sun in the middle of the day. The temp is still quite low outside and since it was windy it got kind of cold, but it was still nice to get some fresh air. I can’t stand treadmills because it’s sooo boring, so I’ve been running outside since the ice melted. I did 8km and then took a shower before I made lunch. We have a national swedish test next week so I got time to finish those preparations during this afternoon which was nice. Tomorrow we have the ”50-days until graduation”-party which will be so much fun! I love my classmates so I’m certain tomorrow will be great!


Finishing off this day with this lovely snack that I made for my mother and me. We are eating this while watching the SHL-final between Brynäs and HV71. Directly after school me and Ronja went to the UF- office to do our presentation infront of the jury. We both felt like it went well so that feels good. Hopefully the jury will feel the same haha. After that I went to the gym and did legs. My cold is much better today and I don’t have a sore throat anymore thankfully. I feel kind of tired today first day back to school so I’ll go to sleep early today. Hugs!